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6/21/12 04:03 pm - 20in20: Pink

x 30 Pink-based icons (multifandom)

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x Credit is appreciated
x Comments are wonderful :)

8/2/10 10:42 pm - LIMS :D


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4/14/10 12:37 am - Masteries IV

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12/10/09 05:19 pm - Masteries III

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9/21/09 05:02 pm

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6/29/09 09:17 pm - Semi-Friends Only

As the sign hints, there are many locked entries within this blog.
Fanfictions, icons,[sometimes fanart], and other graphic posts won't be locked. If you'd like to friend me, please leave a comment saying where we've met and the like.
But let's try to have something in common, ah? It would be hard to talk otherwise :)

3/10/09 08:59 pm - Activity Log V

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3/8/09 11:33 pm - Logs IV

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12/17/08 03:10 pm - Gundam Seed Destiny, KiraxCagalli, 37/100 icons

Pairing: KiraxCagalli
Theme Set: Beta
Themes: Candlelit, Dress up, Journey, Two's Company, Secret Admirer, Jealousy, Fairytale, The little things, Awkward, Safe, Goofing off, Wings, Trust, Destiny, Home, Heartache, Artwork, Bloom, Catch me, Unexpected, Quarrel, Entwined, Here and Now, Colors, Selfless, Hereafter, Whisper, I'll be there, The one, Yin yang, 7 AC's
# of icons in post: 37
# of icons completed total: 37
Resource Post: Here

Forever Together...

12/10/08 02:31 pm - For Sakuno Fans

If you're a fan of Sakuno crack pairings, please join the Fic/art Exchange over at love_salad! The more the merrier :D
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